Portrait arjen

Name: van Duijn
First Name: Arjen
Date Of Birth: 1963/09/09
Nationality: Switzerland/The Netherlands


1977 – 1980 Zurich Business School Diploma
1980 – 1981 student Exchange, high school, Dalton, Georgia, USA
1982 – 1986 studied biology, health sciences, Berry College, Georgia, USA HBO diploma.
1986 – 1990 School of Physiotherapy, The Hague, The Netherlands, Higher Vocational Training physiotherapy.
1991 – 1994 training manual therapy Maitland, Level 1-3
1994 – 1995 course neurodynamic testing and therapy, nonspecific back pain
1996 – 1999 Training Sport Physiotherapy, Switzerland Level 1-2
1999 – 2000 specialization; Osteoporosis, rheumatism, active rehabilitation of the spine, sport physiotherapy Level C
2003 – 2004 Educational Certificate of Proficiency: European polytechnic lecturer
2008 – 2010 Training MAS sport physiotherapy, Salzburg conclusion with MAS


1982 – 1986 training courses in various hospitals in Rome, Georgia, USA
1990 – 1991 part-time employed physiotherapist, The Hague, The Netherlands
1991 – 1994 physiotherapist in Westeinde hospital, Netherlands; Intensive care, orthopedics, traumatology, surgery, neurology
1994 – 2006 Head of the physiotherapy, hospital Smile AG, Switzerland.
Teacher training physiotherapy Triemli, Zurich; Anatomy, rheumatology, functional anatomy.
ESP Teacher Education Network Sport, Sportsphysiotherapie,
A lecturer at the School or Paramedic (Emergency), Zofingen
Adviser of the Aeromedical Institute, Duebendorf
Fitness coach/therapist Skikader the Central Region, Switzerland
For instructors teaching Activity fitness center.
Adviser and lecturer of the Swiss Association of Rehabilitation Therapists (SART).
Since 2006, lecturer at the university of applied sciences in Winterthur  (ZHAW), Dept. Physiotherapy. Topics: Assessment and Treatment, Physiology of connective tissue, Responsible CAS sport physiotherapy to the ZHAW