Harald Bant


Name: Bant

Surname: Harald

Date of Birth: 02/11/1966

Nationality: the Netherlands


September 1979 – September 1985: Rijks Scholengemeenschap Amersfoort VWO

September 1985 – September 1989: International Academy of Physiotherapy Thim Laan

Course special massage Academy Thim van der Laan: 1989

Course taping and bandaging NPI: 1991

Strength training for prevention and rehabilitation NPI: 1992

Trainer running A and B KNAU: 1993- 1994

Course tissue massage Sachs Piet: 1993

Training for Sports Physiotherapy NPI: 1992-1994

Training for Manual Therapy Marsman: 1995-1996

Training sports physiotherapy International Academy for Sports Science: 1996-1998

Course osteoarthritis and arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis: 1998 International Academy of Sports Science

Course osteoarthritis and osteoporosis International Academy of Sports Science: 2000

Course rehabilitation spine International Academy of Sports Science: 2001

Course Shoulder instability and impingement International Academy of Sports Science: 2002

Training methodological and didactic skills VDO: 2000-2001

Course manual therapy Mulligan: 2002

Course Trigger Point Therapy: 2006


May 1989 – November 1989: Foot Medical Advice Centre Star Shoe in Zoetermeer

January 1990 – November 1992: Physiotherapist in the army in Apeldoorn

January 1992 – March 1996: private practice Kuipers in Nijmegen

March 1996 – October 1998: private practice in Kalkar Germany

November 1998 – present: Director of ESP center private physiotherapy practice, medical fitness and rehabilitation in Gennep.

September 1997 – October 2002: international lecturer International Academy for Sports Science

Jan. 2000 – 2008: Visiting lecturer training for physiotherapy (HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem / Nijmegen)

September 2001 – Okt.2002: Project RSI problems HAN

May 2002 – May 2004: Tutor Training Center VDO in Nijmegen

May 2003 – January 2006: Member expert team HAN / Seneca

January 2003 – present: Director of European Sports Physiotherapy Education Network; International College of Sports Physiotherapy (A, D, CH, NL, Poland and Dubai)

January 2004 – September 2005: Director of Osmosa, Center for Occupational Health

May 2005 – present: Member of expert team SART (Swiss Group for Rehabilitation Training)

May 2006- present: Associate Director Nexus training for physiotherapists in Gennep; Netherlands

December 2002- present: international sports physiotherapy lecturer various symposia and conferences in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands

January 2012- present: Chairman foundation union friends for MYSA

February 2013 – present: Co-editor of the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, Thieme Verlag