Name: Tak
Vorname: Igor
Geburtsdatum: 05-07-1971
Heimat: die Niederlande


Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care (Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut): 2002-current
Anatomical lab training ankle-Foot, knee, shoulder; clinical considerations in anatomy
Schoulder course “a State of the Art”
Knee course “a State of the Art”
Ankle-foot course “a State of the Art”
Sports Rehabilitation
Clinical training and patient profiling in upper and lower extremity injury
Practical manual skills training upper and lower extremity
Education and quality
Knee Rehabilitation
Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care /Avans+: 2007-current
Lecturer at Master of Specialized Physical Therapy-Master of Physical Therapy in Sports (masterclass 1;
Sports Rehabilitation, masterclass 4; Diagnostics and clinical reasoning)
Dutch Institute for Education in Sports Medicine (NIOS): 2007-current
Themes on Knee, Shoulder, Foot/Ankle injuries and management, Physical Therapy in Sports;
Nexus – Postgraduate Education for Physical Therapists: 2005-current
Sport and orthopaedic injury; diagnosis and managment
Guest Lecturer University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Thim van der Laan; 2006-2011
Physical Therapy internship coordinator and trainer; 2002-2008


Managing director / co-owner and consulting physical therapist at Fysiotherapie Utrecht Oost; 2008-
PhD position, University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam, Department of
Orthopaedic Surgery, Issue: Groin pain in athletes; morphology, function and outcome; Promotor: Gino
JJM Kerkhoffs, PhD, MD, Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Traumatology. Co-promotors: Janine
Stubbe and Adam Weir: April 2014-current
Coordinator Master of Science in Sports Physical Therapy program by Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care
(Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut) AVANS+; 2007-current
Co-founder and vice-chairman Foundation Network on Shoulder Care (Stichting Schoudernetwerk
Midden Nederland); 2010-current
Workgroup/expert member Royal Dutch Physical Therapy Association: Guideline on Acute Knee Injury;
Reviewer Flemish/Dutch Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports Science; 2013-current
Senior Physiotherapist Sportmedisch Centrum Rotterdam “Nieuw Rotterdams Peil” and consultant
physiotherapist SC Sparta Rotterdam; 2006-2008
Senior Physiotherapist Orthopedisch Revalidatie en Expertise Centrum Hilversum; 1997-2006
Physiotherapist in primary health care; 1996-1997