Name: Tak
Name: Igor
Date of Birth: 05/07/1971
Home: in Netherlands


Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care (Dutch Institute of Allied Health): 2002
Anatomically lab training Ankle Foot, knee, shoulder; clinical considerations in the anatomy
Shoulder course “a state of the art”
Knee course “a state of the art”
Ankle-foot course “a state of the art”
Sports Rehabilitation
Clinical Training and patient profiling in the upper and lower extremity injuries
Practical manual skills training, upper and lower extremity
Education and quality
knee rehabilitation
Dutch Institute of Allied Health / Avans +: 2007
Sports Rehabilitation, master class 4; Diagnostics and clinical reasoning)
Dutch Institute for Education in Sports Medicine (NIOS): 2007
Topics on the knee, shoulder, foot / ankle injuries and Management, Physiotherapy in sport;
Sports and orthopedic injuries; diagnosis and management


General manager / co-owner and consulting physiotherapist in Utrecht East Physiotherapy; 2008-present
Promotion Place, University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Issue: Groin pain in athletes; morphology, function and outcome; Promoter: Gino JJM Kerkhoff, PhD, MD, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Traumatology. Co-promoters: Janine Stubbe and Adam Weir: April 2014 ongoing
Coordinator Master of Science in Sports Physiotherapy program by Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care
(Dutch Institute of Allied Health) Avans +; 2007 -present
Co-founder and Vice – President Foundation Network on Shoulder Care (Foundation Shoulder Network Central Netherlands); 2010 -present
Workgroup / expert member of the Royal Dutch Physical Therapy Association: Guideline on Acute knee injury; 1996 -present
Reviewer Flemish / Dutch Journal of Sports Medicine and Sports Science; 2013 -present
Senior physiotherapist Sports Medical Center Rotterdam “New Rotterdam Sight” Physiotherapy coordinator and consultant and trainer; 2002-2008 physiotherapist SC Sparta Rotterdam; 2006-2008 Senior physiotherapist Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Expertise Centre Hilversum; 1997-2006 Physiotherapist in primary care; 1996-1997