Paul Beenen


Name: Beenen
Name: Paul
date of birth: 02-06-1974
Nationality: Netherlands


Promotion Pathway Health Sciences, 2011 (start)
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa – Lisbon.

Auditor Course, 2012
Amersfoort (KNGF and NVAO).

Advanced course, Research in medical education, 2008
Maastricht University.

Health Sciences, MSc, Policy and Management, 2005
Maastricht University.

Didactics for teachers in higher education, 2004
Post University, HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Medical Technology Assessment, 2002
Radboud University Nijmegen.
Physiotherapy, 1995
HAN University of Applied Sciences.


University teacher of Sport and Health Management, Instiuut of Sports Studies 2013      Freelance lecturer Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen Master Teacher rehabilitation Global Health and evidence based practice. 2009- ESTESL – Lisbon – Portugal                                      Lecturer and coordinator master physiotherapy 2008-2012 ESSA – Alcoitão – Portugal          Teacher course sports physiotherapy 2008- European Sport Physiotherapy in Zurich, Vienna and Nijmegen                                                                                                                                                                Senior lecturer and international coordinator 2009-2012 1998-2008 HAN Nijmegen Physiotherapist Physiotherapy Hatert practice, Nijmegen                                                                           2003-2008 Tutor faculty of Health Sciences, Maastricht University                                                    1998-1999 Consultant in the design of physiotherapy education in various countries