The project Nihil Volentibus Arduum is set up in the slums of Nairobi; the Mathare, in collaboration with MYSA.

The MYSA story began over 20 years ago in 1987, when the United Nations Adviser, Bob Munro, working for sustainable development in Kenya. During a visit to Mathare, he saw the local children playing football with a ball made of plastic bags and rope. He offered to be a game referee on the condition that the children helped with the cleaning of the football field. To his surprise, they immediately agreed.

Inspired by this experience, Bob Munro put a self-help organization where football was linked to clearing and cleaning up slums. The idea was simple – teams received extra league points for clearing (clean up) of shantytowns, which gave an extra incentive to participate in MYSA.

The organization grew rapidly. MYSA football began to link to other community outreach and development activities, such as HIV / AIDS awareness sessions, educational scholarships and leadership training. Today, MYSA has more than 25,000 members

The dark side of sports is the occurrence of injuries. When injuries occur, the youth in the slums do not have any opportunity to visit a doctor or physiotherapist. To realize opportunities, the project Nihil Volentibus Arduum was created. Nihil Volentibus Arduum; nothing is impossible for those who wish. This project educates youth to MYSA Physiotrainers with the ultimate goal of preventing injuries in young players and the rehabilitation of young players when the injury occurred.

The project is currently running three years with great success;

the first group MYSA Physiotrainers is  trained. The second group made a start last January.
All MYSA Physiotrainers work in the various zones in the slums of Nairobi.
7 MYSA Physiotrainers found a paid job at professional football clubs in Kenya.
At the moment the plans are being made to set up a MYSA Physiotrainer center at MYSA.
Five MYSA Physiotrainers be certified by the Kenyan Football Federation as FKF (Football Federation Kenyan) instructors.